ABC Locksmiths

We had obtained a 5 year contract to undertake maintenance on 5 x 24 storey tower blocks
in Camden, London (700+ apartments). I was looking for a cost effective way in which to
carry out this work and came across your product alongside another product that the
French equivalent to the SAS use to abseil out of buildings. Both myself and my Client
decided that the Stronghold was by far the better product for the project, our client
especially liked that it has it’s own barrier system there by keeping unauthorised personnel
out of the working area, ensure safety requirements are adhered to.
The benefit of Stronghold is it is easily transported and erected, we leave this equipment
on one of our vans at all times in case of emergencies (please see attached email).
Scaffolding was not an option for our client as would have cost in excessive of £2 million.
My Engineers are fully trained in using Stronghold and feel completely safe when using
this. They have said that they feel it was a much safer option than standing on scaffolding
or abseiling on the outside of a high rise building.
We have been using this product for over a year with no issues at all, we have undertake
the project we bought the stronghold for but as a result of purchasing this product we have
secured a further 7 year contract as this has given our company the competitive edge. We
also use Stronghold on our other contracts where sometimes we could be working of a
ladder, now we work from the inside and lean out whilst be attached to the Stronghold.
Engineers again feel this is a much safer alternative to a ladder, and I would agree.
By also offering this product to other Clients I am able to offer alternatives to traditional
and costly methods which has seen my business grow as a result.
I am looking at further ways Stronghold can help grow my business and would not hesitate
to recommend this product to others.
Kind Regards
James Mann
ABC Locksmiths