When it comes to the Health and Safety of your employees which are required to Work at Height it is a legal requirement to ensure the competence of each individual. At Glazesafe we have teamed up with our industry specialist trainer to ensure the level of training available to you is second to none. Whilst providing the necessary technical training for the Sashmate tools our training goes further and covers the issues surrounding Working at Height from the basics to solving specific safety issues. All of our training covers:

  • Policy and Procedure.
  • Risk Assessment.
  • Safe Systems of Work (SSOW).
  • Legislation Awareness.
  • The reality of getting it wrong.

Workforce buy in.

Your decision to invest in the revolutionary new Sashmate System will be the most financially beneficial investment you have ever made and you will enjoy the cost savings from day one. With no further outlay required on scaffolding when the Sashmate tools are utilised and in most cases it is possible for one person to do what would have previously required two people. For you to gain the maximum potential return on your investment it is vital for you to get the buy in from your employees. This will require a level of training which will give them the technical know how along with the ability to operate in a safe manner whilst working on windows and the confidence to take pride in being part of a more efficient and competitive workforce.

Competitive edge for your business.

Your investment in the most advanced window repair tooling system in the world and your efforts in ensuring the competence of your workforce can now be utilised by your Salesforce in securing previously unattainable business. You can do window repairs in places that were previously inaccessible in addition the Sashmate Tooling System will provide you with a financial advantage that you can utilise in the costing of every job to ensure your success.

Training on site

We understand that it is important for your business to keep your operatives in action. To help minimise disruption to your business our training course can be held at your offices, anywhere in the UK and Ireland. Contact us for more details.