Following the success of the original Sashmate® Top Hung tool, we’ve extended our range to support a wider range of window repairs than ever before.

The complete Sashmate range is now available in premium quality zinc plated steel made here in Great Britain. The Steel range is more than twice as strong as the original Aluminium range and is preferred by companies using the Sashmate tools on a regular basis.

Safety comes first with Sashmate®

When you place your order with us, you will receive a pair of Sashmate® tools, storage bag and a demonstration CD. We also have a range of demonstration films available on our media page.

Your safety is our priority, so please ensure you watch the demonstrations before attempting to use your Sashmate® tools in the working environment. If you have any questions or queries about your Sashmate® tools, please contact us to discuss before using your tools.

The specifications mentioned next to each above product are based on the standard Steel sets supplied. All components can be manufactured to suit your specific needs. A ‘*’ indicates all specifications that can be manufactured to suit your requirements.

Using extra sets on a repair increases the load capabilities of the sets, i.e. 2 Sashmate Top Hung sets used = double the maximum working load capability. All measurements are approximate depending on the profile and the friction stay hinge used.20