Benefits of Sashmate

For uPVC, Aluminium and Wooden Outward Opening Window Repairs!

Using the Sashmate® tools have a multitude of health and safety and economical benefits for the company and the employees.

  • No ‘work at height’ required.
  • Reduced labour requirements. only one worker is required to do the job of 2/3 even 4.
  • Faster, safer window repairs.
  • Zero access equipment costs. No ladders or other forms of access equipment are needed.
  • Reduced risk of back injury or falls from height for repairmen. No more workers off sick, no more fines or legal claims and no more HSE intervention.
  • Reduced risk of damage to customer property.
  • Improved professionalism resulting in more satisfied customers.
  • Reduce job completion times. Jobs can be completed in under 10 minutes.
  • Eliminate return visits. Workers can overcome problems immediately on an initial visit instead of having to return with extra labour of equipment.
  • Avoid increases to insurance premiums due to preventable accidents.

As recommended by the Glass and Glazing Federation.

The Glass and Glazing Federation and the Health and Safety Executive have produced the Code of Practice for Working at Height in the domestic glazing industry. The HSE have made it clear that the industry must work towards total elimination of ladders (and where possible, platforms) and have set a target of 5 years to implement this goal.

The Code of Practice now includes Sashmate®. Companies and their duty holders must now consider using the Sashmate® as an alternative to sending employees to work at height.

Tried, Tested & Protected.

The Sashmate® is the result of over a decade of experience and expertise in the window repair industry and over 6 years of development with the tool being used in the field every day by professional repairmen.

It is now the specialised tool of choice for companies and councils across the UK and Ireland. Sashmate® is a registered trademark and patent protected in the UK and covered throughout many other territories in the world.

The Sashmate® Range.

The list of products and accessories in the Sashmate® range continues to grow and we are always looking to develop new items to further improve safety and efficiency for our clients. If you find yourself facing a problem in the industry, let us know and we will endeavour to produce a mechanical solution. We have a new safety product coming out soon for installers so please check back soon.

Sashmate® STEEL.

The complete Sashmate range is now available in premium quality zinc plated steel made here in Great Britain. The Steel range is more than twice as strong and is the top end range used by companies using the Sashmate tools on a regular basis.

Say goodbye to scaffolding and ladders with the new Sashmate® range – it really does take the weight, so you don’t have to!