What is Stronghold?

Glazesafe has revolutionised access and safety for the emergency services and the construction industry by creating the Stronghold Mobile Anchor / Barrier System.

  • The lightweight, fast erect and free standing Stronghold is setup in under 5 minutes inside the building, around the opening to be worked on or from.
  • The Stronghold can be used for work restraint, fall arrest and work positioning.
  • The Stronghold removes the need for scaffold or other forms of external access equipment when working at height and in turn removes the associated setup times, costs and safety issues.
  • The Stronghold instantly creates a highly visible barrier around the opening, preventing workers and the public from getting close enough to the opening to fall.
  • No tools are required to setup the Stronghold and it requires no fixings to the walls or floor.
  • The fully adjustable Stronghold provides anchor points for two workers to attach their harnesses to and allows free and unrestricted movement.
  • The Stronghold provides anchor points and load straps to anchor tools or objects to, such as a window frame (or other industry equipment), whilst it is being positioned into the window aperture.
  • The Stronghold creates a continuous safe working area inside the Stronghold perimeter with the designated ‘tool store’ or ‘debris store’ kept outside of the Stronghold.
  • The Stronghold set weighs just over 25Kg in 6 main components. It is easily stored, transported, setup and used with almost zero maintenance.
  • Using the Stronghold will keep operatives, engineers, other trades people and the public safe whilst enabling businesses to operate professionally and profitably.

The Stronghold provides benefits to various industry sectors where work at height is required. Particular uses include:

  • Window decoration / maintenance / installation. High Rise Glazing & Curtain Walls.
  • Lift installation, repair and modernisation.
  • External surveyance of buildings at height.
  • Satellite dish / air conditioning unit maintenance and installation at height.
  • Emergency high level access and line rescue at height.
  • Industrial rope access.
  • Facilities management tasks such as building signage cleaning.
  • Service Shaft maintenance.

Stronghold setup and workers safe in under 5 minutes!