Glazesafe, a multi-award winning company behind innovative safety equipment, is preparing to take its product to a whole new market after receiving the backing from two high profile investors. Pitching to the five formidable investors featured on BBC2’s Dragons Den, Daniel Cheddie, Director of Glazesafe, successfully came away from the show with the financial support and business accolades of two dragons.

Touker Suleyman and Jenny Campbell are now on board. With two dragons now adding their weight to the products and business model of Glazesafe, the business is expected to see its growth and profile continue to soar.

Dan Cheddie said, “Heading into the den was a very exciting experience and I’m thrilled to now have two business partners in Touker and Jenny. They really believed in the product and can help open doors to make Glazesafe an international name within the safety equipment industry. With the right mentors now in the business, Glazesafe will continue to innovate to reduce the risks associated with working from height.”

Glazesafe featured its two flagship products during its time on Dragon’s Den. Designed by fire fighter and window repair specialist Daniel Cheddie, both the Sashmate and Stronghold systems provide solutions that have the potential to revolutionise the health and safety industry.

Sashmate is a market leading tool that allows window repairs to be completed internally. Removing the need for ladders, scaffolding, and other forms of external access equipment, Sashmate slashes costs and improves safety of the engineers carrying out the work. The second Glazesafe product, Stronghold, has been crafted with both the emergency services and construction industry in mind. The lightweight and fast erect free-standing barrier system, can be used to instantly create a barrier while also providing anchor points for the engineers to attach to.

Watch Daniel Cheddie pitch his idea and negotiate with the Dragons on Daily Motion (skip to 42 minutes in!