Ambitious lone workers and self-employed individuals can now improve their safety, save money, and speed up the time a job takes thanks to a single gadget, the Sashmate. Designed for those that frequently repair and replace windows in both domestic and commercial settings, the innovative and unique product from Glazesafe is set to become an essential.

Across the UK there are thousands of lone workers operating in the trade space and they face challenges on a daily basis. With only one pair of hands, jobs can be more time consuming and tricky to complete. When it comes to windows Sashmate, an original set of tools that completely removes the obstacles single workers face when they carry out repairs to windows, provides an ingenious solution.

Daniel Cheddie, Director of Glazesafe, said, “For lone workers jobs can take substantially longer to complete, decreasing the amount of jobs they can complete in a single day. For those working at height, working alone can also present additional safety risks, making seemingly simple jobs far more difficult to complete. At Glazesafe our approach is all about delivering unique products that really do make routine jobs easier and quicker to finish while slashing risks. The Sashmate is the toolbox essential for contractors carrying out work alone or as a team of two, the safety benefits are huge in all cases”

Using Sashmate instantly boosts safety and cuts expenses by allowing tradesmen to carry out essential work to windows internally, eliminating the need to invest in expensive scaffolding. Setting up in minutes and fully compatible with uPVC, aluminium, and wooden windows, Sashmate streamlines repair processes. The innovative range of tools provides a flexible solution for a variety of workers, effortlessly adapting to suit a range of window sizes and configurations.

The business behind Sashmate, Glazesafe, is dedicated to creating and delivering useful tools to those operating in the window sector, from lone workers to international businesses. Its second game changing product, Stronghold, is already available on the market and acts as both a safety barrier and anchor point for workers operating at height.