The stronghold was presented in front of potential customers, where it produced a lot of interest and excitement for its appealing cost saving and health and safety measures for keeping people that work at height safe. We immediately purchased one when we saw it, as we look for innovative products to hire out that other companies don’t have in their fleet. The way that I present this equipment to my customers is as follows; it’s cheaper than scaffolding out an entire lift shaft, has a great fall prevention system, and also makes a safe environment for the public and the engineers when working with open spaces where falls are a high risk. We had this product out on hire pretty much straight away to one of our customers (LIFT OUT LTD) for 5 weeks.

They were very happy with the product, its uses, and the main site contractor’s health and safety officers were also very impressed with the stronghold and how it cures a lot of problems for them on site. The stronghold will be a great tool for the construction industry. It solves problems when the health and safety of workers on-site, as well as those working in front of areas with open drops such as lift shafts and open widows etc. The red netting also makes it stand out to the eye so that people can see that there is a danger in the area permitted for works. A visual aid is a fantastic tool when combating people that aren’t taking care in the area surrounding them. This also applies to the public, if works are being conducted in pedestrian areas. To summarise the stronghold from my personal view. It is a lightweight and quick to assemble piece of equipment that is easy to construct and simple to use.

This makes it a strong contender to other working at height products that are already on the market that can be used in many different applications and environments. Please contact me if you require any other information.

Yours faithfully, James Daniel Operations Manager Universal Lifting Hire Services Limited