This article was written by our valued customer Sash Smart who are an extremely fast growing, London based company of experts specialising in repairs, maintenance and replacements of traditional sliding sash windows. They have worked on many beautiful properties as well as such particularly high profile buildings such as the Calvary and Guards Club as well as Cambridge Cottages – Richmond upon Thames.

“Sash Smart go above and beyond other companies when it comes to service and we are constantly looking for ways to improve our installation methods and reduce costs for our clients.

When working on period buildings the thought of erecting ugly and obstructive scaffold is something that all of our clients want to avoid, in some cases & in some areas of London the use of scaffold can also be refused. On top of this scaffold is an expense that our Clients gain no lasting benefit from.

As this was such a concern for our clients we researched the industry and found that there was a piece of very new equipment that meant we could carry out our installation without scaffold.
No scaffold has allowed us to reduce the job cost for our clients, which has since led to us win more work, we are also winning jobs where scaffold had been refused. We have also been able to start and complete jobs quicker (without relying on a scaffolding company to erect and pack up their gear), Other parts of the buildings we have worked on have been able to operate as usual without being temporarily defaced by scaffold and most importantly for us our staff can now work from inside and not at height on the scaffold.

This new piece of equipment is called Stronghold®‎ (Mobile Anchor and Barrier System) and is the latest range developed by Award winning Glazesafe Ltd .

After speaking to Daniel from Glazesafe we knew that this was the answer we were looking for and purchased a set. Our fitting teams can set up the light weight Stronghold in minutes and they do not need any tools to do so. It is unlike other anchor systems where a number of heavy load plates are required and the whole set weighs around 30Kg. The Stronghold also has extra anchor points for tools and product. Our fitters have utilised this and now use tools lanyards connected to the Stronghold to prevent them dropping anything.”

Chris Mills,
Sash Smart Ltd.